Lucille de Smit Wong is a Dutch based Singaporean designer operating from her gallery Aspirations in Rotterdam (NL).

After graduating from the famous Oda and Bunka Fashion College in 1983, she left Tokyo and her motherland Singapore for The Netherlands, to marry her Dutch fiancé. In The Netherlands she continued improving her tailoring skills and eventually she obtained her Master Tailor Certificate in 1992.

Since 2000 she is leading her fashion gallery and the Stichting Designer Support foundation.


Her customers, mainly architects and designers from various disciplines, love the clean harmonious structures of her creations. They describe her works as original, crispy, intelligent, fabulously refined, super feminine and yet self assured.

“All her creations are timeless beauties which can be worn all year round”


Her inspiration comes from people, music, nature and architectures. She believes that you cannot really plan a good design but rather feel and capture the intensities of the beauty of people, music, shapes, movements, the colors from nature, and the surrounding. Then use this intense feeling to create. She also believes that a good creation should not be the center of attraction but should rather compliment the wearers, making them more attractive and giving them more confidence.


Gallery Aspirations has been nominated by the Dutch ElleElsevierAvantGardeTextilla and many other local magazines and newspaper as the hot spot for wearable art.